Frances Luke Accord

Sunnyside EP (2021)

A taste of things yet to come.

Thank You, Derrick Watson (2019)

Due homage to a hero in the fight against xenophobia in national government.

Silver & Gold (2019)

A tribute to our new status as a “long-distance band."

Maria (2018)

Help support disaster relief in the Caribbean.

Fluke (2016)

Our Debut LP, available on CD and vinyl

Queen for Me (2014)

Recorded and produced in our home in Chicago during the brutal winter of 2014, Queen for Me is a meditation on the very present, yet intangible forces that escape us, control us, demand of us, and lift us up. Download and share!

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Kandote (2012)

Our first record, Kandote, is available to buy on Bandcamp. And since we're talking about money, you should know that 100% of Kandote profit is sent to Kkindu Village, the home of the Barefoot Truth Children's Choir, to help subsidize the choir's elementary and musical education. Learn more about the Kandote project here.

Veronica (2014)

An old song made new.

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Live @ Strobe (2015)

Dedicated to our Kickstarter backers.

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